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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks (WLAN)
Wireless Networks (WLAN)  

The market witnessed high demand on mobile networks during the last decade. Security, Scalability and managements are challenges faced the IT Managers when it comes to wireless communications.

 NSD believes that clients may find many wireless products that can satisfy there needs, but we also believe that the solution becomes useless if we don’t have powerful staff to implement it. NSD network staff is highly trained on network solutions design and implementation. We cover the below services in wireless networks.

NSD Wireless Services:

  • Enterprise wireless networking (controller-thin access point) architecture
  • Radio frequency management and site survey
  • Remote access point instillation WLAN over WAN
  • Wireless security Design & Implementation
  • Wireless intrusion prevention
  • Radius configuration and integration
  • Wireless network management systems Installation and configuration
  • NSD hotspot Billing System
  • Point 2 Point wireless bridging up to 50 KM

NSD is certified to provide wireless network services in TRA