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Human Resources Components

ERP Module / Human Resources Application (HR)
Human Resources Application

The Human Resources Management is an integrated application (Module) of NSD ERP SYSTEM.

The Human Resources management system consists of many components, which are capable of working together. Hereunder, we will mention some of these functionalities knowing that we stay at your entire disposition in order to explain and demonstrate the whole human resources sub-modules to you to understand and appreciate the power tools and functionalities of this application:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Organizational Management
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment

The NSD Human Resources application takes advantage of the best results of the Human Capital Management.

Personnel Administration ; 

allows you to assign employees to the company's organizational units and structures during the hiring process, as well as maintain important employee personal data, such as, change in cost center, salary, address, etc...through out the employee's life cycle at the company.

NSD ERP SYSTEM HR - PA  Sub- module / Read More

Time Management; provides full functionality for management of time and leave information in the Company including time collection and evaluation of time and absence data for employees.

NSD ERP SYSTEM HR - TM   Sub- module / Read More

Organizational Management; allows you to depict your organizational and reporting structures clearly by presenting an up-to-date picture your enterprise's organizational plan.

NSD ERP SYSTEM HR - OM  Sub- module / Read More

Recruitment; enables you to optimize the recruitment process triggered by vacant positions by linking the Company organizational process, from organizational and job planning to mailing letters of rejection or acceptance.

NSD ERP SYSTEM HR - REC  Sub- module / Read More

Payroll; covers all essential payroll functions including earnings and deductions processing, preparation of remuneration statements, bank transfers and follow up activities such as transfer of information to Financials.

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