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NSD Certification & Training

  Why Training and Certification:
Because Knowledge is Power and Progress;

Because the best optimization and use of your system needs from you to be at the last level of knowledge;

NSD performed a certification process to intend the best training , skills evaluation and acquired qualifications for: IT professionals and project teams:
  • Consultants
  • Power users
  • End users
  • Senior executives and managers
  • Techincians

NSD’s certification process is perfomed for  those who have achieved qualifications based on NSD training in Networking or in NSD systems’ implementation and / or use. Also, NSD Certification refers to the comprehensive evaluation of the technical and non-technical of NSD information system.

Certification areas:
NSD certification program is to validate your knowledge and skills in one or more of the below subjects:
  • NSD information system (ERP)
  • NSD Networking
  • NSD RFID Systems
These subjects’ credentials are typically awarded through an application process following successful completion of:
  • Required NSD training and corresponding exams
  • Specified education level in networking and / or NSD systems
  • Specified work experience around NSD networking projects and / or NSD Systems
Please contact NSD nearest office for further information.