NSD has put together some of the best RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tagging Solutions to help hospitals improve Asset Visibility with direct benefits that can improve patient safety.

RFID Discovery - Tracking Medical Equipment

It is reported that the loss of mobile assets costs the healthcare sector millions of pounds each year and efforts should be made to improve the visibility of this essential equipment that would in turn improve operational performance.

The challenge of managing large inventories of mobile medical equipment normally falls upon a small team of trained biomedical engineers who are responsible for the maintenance and availability of inventory. An acute hospital is typically a large multi floored site with over 10,000 assets and its often a struggle to keep track of equipment with staff clocking up hours and miles just searching for unused or out of service equipment.

NSD provide a range of RFID solutions that are specifically designed to help equipment managers locate assets in an efficient manner saving valuable time and effort whilst at the same time improving asset visibility and utilization.

The RFID system uses a handheld PDA system fitted with a RF reader to track tagged equipment. A typical range of assets being tagged include infusion devices and bladder scanners...
As the medical engineer travels around the hospital they perform equipment searches using the PDA. The PDA has a read range of up to 20m and records the date, time and location when it receives a tag transmission. This data can be immediately uploaded to the main database via a local wireless network or through a hard wired connection to a local work station.

Healthcare customers are tagging a variety of portable assets including pumps, scanners and even beds. A web based application allows the user to interrogate a central database to see the last known location of an asset or generate a history report showing where an asset have been over a defined time frame.
This data store of location information helps deliver improved asset visibility, helps optimize utilization to improve overall operational and financial performance. The hospital can make use of existing wi-fi and also work the solution in areas where there is no wireless coverage.

RFID Baby Tagging Systems
Baby Safety and Security with Active RFID Systems

RFID Baby Tagging Security Systems from NSD provide 24/7 Security and Peace of Mind on Maternity Wards.
Purpose made Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are fitted to a baby to accurately report Real-Time Location and avoid the unauthorized removal of an infant from a ward. These RFID tags use the very latest in RFID Technology transmitting a unique ID to the local network of readers to confirm tag presence.

A transmitter tag attached to the baby's ankle sends RF signals to discreetly placed receivers as it is moved throughout the facility. Any movement beyond a 'secure area' will trigger alarms and notify staff. A Low Frequency (LF) Receiver inside the tag works with an LF Exciter to create an alert if a tag nears an exit.
As an option, the tag can also make use of Infra Red (IR) Transmission for room-level detection.

Latex free bands attach the RFID tag securely to the baby. These bands are disposable and have 'cut-band' technology to sound an alarm should someone attempt unauthorized removal of the tag.
Intuitive software provides a secure, user friendly interface where staff can add and remove patient details as required. Administrators can swiftly recall logged events by date, time, operator or tag ID. All data is secure and the database can be exported and shared via third party software.

NSD specialize in developing reliable, cost effective solutions for the Healthcare sector.

RFID Wandering Patient Safety Systems

Wandering Patients are safer wearing an RFID wristband

Patient Safety is important especially when providing care to older more vulnerable patients in busy hospital environments.
Patients suffering from progressive memory loss disease such as dementia can sometimes forget where they are and stray from safe ward areas. By wearing an active radio frequency wristband they will be safer.
Staff working on busy wards can get early warnings of a wandering patient by using RFID Technology that allows patients to move about but alerts staff if they leave a safe zone.
The system consists of three main components

  1. An RFID wristband that is worn by the patient
  2. A Radio Frequency reader that receives signals from the wristband
  3. A low frequency exciter

RFID Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Automate your Temperature Monitoring and enjoy peace of mind!

NSD offers a completely wireless temperature monitoring solution to meet MHRA standards.
It ensures that all blood components are kept in an environment as defined in The Blood Safety and Quality Regulations.
The solution automatically monitors temperature and humidity, reducing labour and cost. Most importantly eliminating errors and ensuring complete records are maintained in accordance with regulatory compliance.
The software enables instant notification of alerts and access to reports and data. Data can also be archived and made available for audit or reference purposes.
Alerts are available in a variety of forms such as email, audible, on screen pop-up window, page, VOIP phone or badge alert and text.

The NSD solution can make all the difference in terms of savings and Return On Investment.
We offer a monitoring solution which is the most cost-effective due to it leveraging the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for a lower cost solution compared to alternatives.
The NSD temperature monitoring solution enables a smooth and optimal deployment and is designed to ensure regulatory compliance, improve patient safety and increase operational efficiency.