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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Jambs   Dico Tools
The wings attached to a tower house of the English/Scottish border region, which were used to increase the flanking ability. The design developed into what is known as a Z-plan towerhouse. (Fr. jambe, leg).

Jo   Dico Tools
The proper noun suffix in Japanese for the word castle. The term comes from the Chinese character for city and wall (shiro or jo). Later, the meaning changed from city to castle; for in Japanese a walled enclosure means a castle rather than a city.

Joint   Dico Tools
a device connecting two or more adjacent parts of a structure; a roller joint allows adjacent parts to move controllably past one another; a rigid joint prevents adjacent parts from moving or rotating past one another

Jokamachi   Dico Tools
The town or city which developed about a Japanese castle, which was carefully set out in designated zones according to rank; the samurai residences were situated nearest to the castle, then came those of the merchants and then those of the artisans. Thus the jokamachi became centres of trade and growth, centred around the defensive works of the castle. (J. town below the castle).

Joule   Dico Tools
The basic unit of thermal energy.

Journal   Dico Tools
A journal is that part of a rotor that is in contact with or supported by a bearing in which it revolves.

Juliet   Dico Tools
A type of circular donjon.

Junction   Dico Tools
The point in a thermocouple where the two dissimilar metals are joined.

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