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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Vacuum   Dico Tools
Any pressure less than atmospheric pressure.

Valli   Dico Tools
The sharpened stakes which were lashed together and rammed into the top of the rampart surrounding a Roman encampment.

Vallum   Dico Tools
(1) A single stake of the palisade topping the rampart surrounding a Roman encampment. (2) The palisaded rampart or the rampart itself surrounding a Roman fortification.

Vawnmewre   Dico Tools
An earthen rampart used as a defence against artillery.

Velocity   Dico Tools
The time rate of change of displacement; dx/dt.

Venetian Battlement   Dico Tools
A battlement provided with stepped merlons. See Irish battlement, stepped merlon.

Via Decumana   Dico Tools
The road leading to the rear gate (porta decumana) from a T intersection with the via quintana.

Via Praetoria   Dico Tools
The road leading from the main gate (porta praetoria) to the headquarters (principia) at the intersection with the via principalis.

Via Principalis   Dico Tools
The pathway which followed the two intersecting lines bisecting a Roman encampment, which were approximately thirtymetres wide.

Via Quintana   Dico Tools
The road running parallel to the via principalis, forming a T intersection with the via decumana.

Via Sagularis   Dico Tools
Th street running around the interior of the intervallum of a Roman fort.

Via Vicinariae   Dico Tools
The ancillary streets between the tents or buildings of a Roman fort.

Vibration Error   Dico Tools
The maximum change in output of a transducer when a specific amplitude and range of frequencies are applied to a specific axis at room temperature.

Vibration Error Band   Dico Tools
The error recorded in output of a transducer when subjected to a given set of amplitudes and frequencies.

Viscosity   Dico Tools
The inherent resistance of a substance to flow.

Voldsteder   Dico Tools
Danish mottes of the 12th century. See motte.

Volt   Dico Tools
The (electrical) potential difference between two points in a circuit. The fundamental unit is derived as work per unit charge-(V = W/Q). One volt is the potential difference required to move one coulomb of charge between two points in a circuit while using one joule of energy.

Voltage   Dico Tools
An electrical potential which can be measured in volts.

Voltmeter   Dico Tools
An instrument used to measure voltage.

Volume Flow Rate   Dico Tools
Calculated using the area of the full closed conduit and the average fluid velocity in the form, Q = V x A, to arrive at the total volume quantity of flow. Q = volumetric flowrate, V = average fluid velocity, and A = cross sectional area of the pipe.

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