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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Wall Head   Dico Tools
The apex of a curtain wall or rampart.

Wall Head Defences   Dico Tools
Defences which were used to defend a fortification from the top of the walls. See brattice, crenel, hoard, machicolation, merlon, parapet and turret.

Wall Tower   Dico Tools
A tower projecting from the curtain wall of a castle, which provided both neighbouring wall towers and curtain wall with flanking fire. See curtain tower, flanking tower, mural tower.

Wall Walk   Dico Tools
(1) A walk way along the top of an enbankment of a rampart. Also known as a bailey walk. (2) A walk way situated behind a parapet. See bailey walk.

Ward   Dico Tools
A courtyard of a castle, or the space between the lines of bastioned curtain walls. See bailey. (O.E. weard, guard).

Wasserburg   Dico Tools
A German term for a castle built on a bank or island of a river, making use of the water way in their defence. Their main purpose was to extract tolls from the trade being shipped on the water way. See water castle. (G. wasser, water; burg, castle).

Watari Yagura   Dico Tools
A connecting tower or crossing wall tower of a Japanese castle, which ran along the ishigaki and was used by the defenders to protect the walls against assault. See yagura.

Watari Yagura Mon   Dico Tools
The largest kind of Japanese castle gateway, which consisted two story timber frame structure, where the lower story incorporated the entrance, and the upper story formed the connecting tower (from were the gateway derives its name).The style of the connecting tower is typical of a yagura but the lower story's timber is left unplastered, and the actual gate and surrounding timbers were often covered with strips or sheets of iron which improved their protection against battering and firing. See yagura mon.

Watch Turret   Dico Tools
A watch tower or bartizan.

Water Castle   Dico Tools
A castle which used water defences of natural or artificial origin, or both. See wasserburg.

Water Defences   Dico Tools
See lines of defence, moat.

Water Gate   Dico Tools
A defensible gate which connected a castle to open water or a water way, which was used to supply a castle with stores, reinforcements and communications, especially useful in times siege.

Watt Density   Dico Tools
The watts emanating from each square inch of heated surface area of a heater. Expressed in units of watts per square inch.

Way Of The Rounds   Dico Tools
A narrow covered way between the rampart and the wall of a fortification.

Wehrgang   Dico Tools
A covered gallery provided with machicolations which ran around the perimeter of a castle of the Teutonic Knights, which was accessible from the chapel, the chapter-house, and the dormitories by staircases in the walls, from which the castle was defended. (Gr. wehr, defence; gang, passage).

Wheatstone Bridge   Dico Tools
A network of four resistances, an emf source, and a galvanometer connected such that when the four resistances are matched, the galvanometer will show a zero deflection or "null" reading.

Wicket   Dico Tools
A small door in the main gate of a fortification, which could be used without having to open the gate. See guighet, postern, sally port. (Fr. guichet).

Window   Dico Tools
In computer graphics, a defined area in a system not bounded by any limits; unlimited "space" in graphics.

Wings   Dico Tools
See jambs.

Wood   Dico Tools
A common natural material strong in both compression and tension

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Word   Dico Tools
Number of bits treated as a single unit by the CPU. In an 8-bit machine, the word length is 8 bits; in a sixteen bit machine, it is 16 bits.

Working Standard   Dico Tools
A standard of unit measurement calibrated from either a primary or secondary standard which is used to calibrate other devices or make comparison measurements.

Works   Dico Tools
Fortifications. See breastwork, crownwork, detached work, earthwork, forework, hornwork, low artillery outworks, mainworks, outwork, salient work and siege works.

Write   Dico Tools
To record data in a storage device or on a data medium.

Wrought Iron   Dico Tools
An iron alloy that is less brittle than cast iron

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